Sit or “Sick”?

Sit or “Sick”?

🏠Work related musculoskeletal pain disorders can be prevented through understanding how to fit work to your body.

👨‍💻👩‍💻🏢Ergonomics is the design of the working environment, to ensure the best use of an individual’s capabilities.

🧑💻💻🧑Ergonomics for use of computer and cell phone are the most important areas of focus. Because workplace is our second home where employees tend to spend most part of their life and that should always be enjoyable, comfortable and convenient to work.

👋🧑💻Therefore, emphasis should be given to the workstation modification according to own customized requirements, that will increase productivity of work and also reduce unnecessary stress and strain on muscles, joints and ligaments. Physiotherapist can help you with doing appropriate assessment and plan for you, so that you can avoid unnecessary stress on your body during work.

💻🏢❓💻🏠Here, we come out with our “Ergo360™” is designed to prevent repetitive work strain injuries without placing excessive strain on any one part of the body as well as limiting fatigue, stress, discomfort and injury. This allows optimum human performance in the workplace. Ergonomics ensures good occupational health and safety to optimize performance and productivity.

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