3 SESSIONS OF 45 mins back and core strengthening exercises + FREE resistance band

Back and core stregthening to reduce back pain and prevent recurrence back pain.

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45mins Knee Pain Relief Treatment + FREE ice pack

Hands on manual therapy and customized pain relief treatment

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45mins Diectasis Recti Treatment

Diectasis Recti tretament provide customised exercise plan to stregthen core and prevent complications of diectasis recti.

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Stretch360 for Runners

Run safe, Run smart

Signature Therapy to loosen tight muscles effectively

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[BEST SELLER] 3 Sessions Trigger point therapy + FREE hard massage ball

Breakup your tight knots at neck, shoulder and back

Learn to locate your own trigger points and ease sore spots with skilled therapist

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[BACK IN-DEMAND NOW!] Ergonomics Assessment & Posture correction for WFH people BUY 1 FREE 1

ACHY neck and back? Feeling easily FATIGUE working from home?

STOP your bad posture now!

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