Signature Program

Our heal360®  proprietary 360programs are driven towards holistic outcomes for different population with a different emphasis on individual needs and goals.

Every single person is different. Our therapy programs are personalized, guided 1:1  which is different for every client, as needs are different, varying from person to person.

Intensity and level of difficulty are modify up or down to suit your level and ensuring safety.

Programs are carefully designed with evidence based researches and implemented by well trained rehabilitation experts to ensure sustainable results and optimal performance.


Speciality Therapy

Specialized services based on a client’s condition, problem and needs.

These services are provided by knowledgeable skilled therapist who have a passion for specific treatments, received specialized training and years of hands-on experiences.

Clinical Massage TherapyExercise TherapyPain Relief Therapy
Stretch TherapyPhysiotherapyShockwave Therapy
Functional RehabilitationSport MassageLymphatic Therapy