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Is Hypermobility GOOD OR BAD?

How Flexible is Hyperflexible? Many of us may consider ourselves to be flexible. But how do we differentiate between flexibility and joint hypermobility? Joint hypermobility can be determined by the Beighton Score, a simple joint flexibility score that quantifies your joint laxity. The Beighton score is a popular screening technique for hypermobility. Component of Beighton score: Using the…

How not to get HIT by HIIT ?

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) seems to be all the latest craze, owing to how efficient it is in burning fat. Who wouldn’t prefer a 20-minute workout over an hour at the gym, especially if it meant losing weight faster? However, myths and misconceptions have evolved as a result of the popularity of HIIT. The following…

Long Covid-19 Recovery

Many individuals who recover from COVID-19 experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, tiredness, and decreased exercise endurance. After many months of infections, many patients experience difficulty to exercise, as well as discomfort and muscular weakening. COVID-19 can lead to inflammation in the lungs due to the infection and the immune system’s reaction to…

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