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Why Do I Get Lower Back Pain When Walking or Standing for Long Periods?

Up to 84% of people have low back discomfort at some point in their life. An estimated 12 to 33% of adults currently experience low back pain. It is the most significant cause of activity limitation in those under 45. Chronic back pain is defined as a single episode lasting more than 12 weeks. There…

Sit or “Sick”?

🏠Work related musculoskeletal pain disorders can be prevented through understanding how to fit work to your body. 👨‍💻👩‍💻🏢Ergonomics is the design of the working environment, to ensure the best use of an individual’s capabilities. 🧑💻💻🧑Ergonomics for use of computer and cell phone are the most important areas of focus. Because workplace is our second home…

Don’t torture your spine at night!

😴We spend 40% of our lives in bed – so the right bed and sleeping position areimportant to help when you have neck, back, shoulder and hip problems. Theright sleeping posture can also prevent problems from developing, and stopreoccurrence. ​🚫​😴​There are three main positions when in bed:• On the back• On either side• On the…

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