​DO you squat correctly?

​DO you squat correctly?

Here is the evidence-based look into the effect of squat depth on the areas of the body.

1. Do you have patella tendon issue? Aware of your squat depth. As squat depth increases, the compressive load on the patellar tendon also increases. This can aggravate the tendon, so it is worthwhile modifying squat depth for a certain period of time while completing your rehab exercises if you have a patellar tendinopathy.

2. Do you feel pinching sensation deep in your hip at the bottom of your squat? This might due to impingement between the bony surfaces in the hip. The deeper the squat, the more worsen the impingement.

In this case, you may bring the depth up a little bit and work within your pain-free range until you have resolved the cause.

3. Do you come across lower back ache for hours/days after squatting? It associate with lumbar flexion (lower back rounding) can place the discs under undue stress if loads are high and excessive. It’s possible that you may have squatted too deep and irritated the discs in your lumbar spine. You may work more on your hip and ankle mobility.

Optimal squat depth for injury prevention/management is HIGHLY depends on your individual mobility and injury history. A depth that is appropriate for one person may not be for another, so DON’T APPLY BLANKET RULES TO EVERYONE.

Read more : https://www.physio-network.com/blog/is-it-safe-to-squat-deep-what-does-the-evidence-say/
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