Low Back Pain in Pregnant Women

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints amongst the pregnant women. Low back pain during pregnancy causing negative impact on their quality of life and affect their activity of daily living. Pregnancy related low back pains are always underestimated and not treated properly. Pregnant women may experience back pain that is localized to the lower back or could possibly radiating into the buttock, thigh, and legs. Two most common factors causing pregnancy related low back pain are mechanical and hormonal.


Massage is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. Massage techniques are commonly applied using hands on techniques with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a massage equipment. The word comes from the French massage “friction of kneading,” which, in turn, comes from the Arabic word مَسَّ massa meaning “to touch, feel.” 

Massage has been known to have many benefits for the human body. The action of effleurage (circular continuous gliding over skin), petrissage (kneading of the soft tissues) and tapotement (gentle striking of soft tissues) not only relaxes tense muscles, it improves blood circulation which then increases relaxation and reduces stress levels. Of its many benefits, it has been shown to boost our immune system by flushing toxins through our lymphatic system, thus getting rid of unwanted waste. This keeps our body healthy and free of excess toxins that can be detrimental to our health.


Can you actually get wrist pain from using your devices (handphone, tablet) too much? The simple answer is, YES!

A study on this issue revealed that it is in fact, common among mobile phone users. Besides, they also found that time spent on mobile phones correlates with higher frequency of wrist pain and disabilities.

This is alarming, as the world we live in right now can no longer function without mobile phones. We rely on them for everything – payment, work, getting grab rides, and entertainment, to name a few.

So how do we know that too much is too much? Does our daily posture affect wrist pain too? And what can we do to reduce our wrist pain?