Relieve Head fatigue & Sleep better

Feeling Stress and Headache in this trying times?

Tension headaches is very common nowadays which comes on and off after a long day of work or activity. Tension headaches is a type of a headache that caused by tension and knots in muscles, particularly in neck, shoulders and upper back region. The pain level is varied from the severity of the condition.

Causes of tension headaches such as stress, work pressure, postural problems, sleeping problem, dehydration and etc.

Benefits of Tension Relief Head Massage:

  • Decrease mental and physical stress
  • Relax your mind, sleep deeper
  • Alleviate muscle pain and stiffness
  • Improve your concentration and work efficiently

What these sessions includes?

  • Assessment on your head, neck and shoulder tension points
  • Loosening up tightness in head, neck, face, jaw and shoulders
  • Stretching out stiff and shortened muscles
  • Suboccipitals release — which work overtime to keep your head balanced on top of your spine

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