Differences between Massage in Spa and Physioclinic setting

Differences between Massage in Spa and Physioclinic setting

What is the difference between spa massage and clinical massage ?

Looking for a treatment to relieve your tight, aching muscles that just would not go away even with stretching? And you are wondering what type of massage to go for? Afterall a massage is a massage, right? However, each type of treatment has its own unique purpose or outcome. Which one is right for you ? Read on to find out more.

Goal of the massage

A clinical massage usually has a defined purpose in mind: to relieve pain or tension on the targeted part of the body. With medical treatment, the intention is to improve a specific ailment or condition. There is an evidence-based reason why your therapist chooses to apply one modality over another and most importantly, the results must be measurable.  Ultimately, the focus of clinical massage is on functional outcomes. It is done safely in a physiotherapy clinic setting.

However, in a spa setting the focus is on the satisfaction of the client and relaxation. The session is often intuitive and compassionate. The environment is private and often includes luxuries that put the client at ease.


Myofascial ReleaseStretching and release of tight fascia tissues. To improve elasticity and flexibility of the connective tissuesUseful for treating skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation
Deep Tissue MassageSlow, deep strokes and friction to the length of the fibres of the superficial muscles; increase blood flow and to be of greatest use in problem musclesPenetrate from superficial muscles into deeper muscle or aiding recovery from a muscle strain or pain, rehabilitation and arthritic complaints
Trigger Point ReleaseRelease of the nodules and taut band of muscle fibre and improve blood circulation to the trigger zone.Chronic muscular aches, tension headaches.
Sports MassageAlleviate pain, increase mobility. Release soft tissue tension on targeted musclesRecurring sports related injury, improve sports performance, aching/sore muscles
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)Stimulate lymphatic system through gentle, firm pressure to remove congestion and improve transportation of nutrients to the body.For tissue swelling, fluid accumulation, poor immunity, sedentary lifestyle

At Heal360 Physioclinic, we are highly specialised in Clinical Massage. We will do an assessment based on your condition and will advise the appropriate treatment for you.