Is Hypermobility GOOD OR BAD?

Is Hypermobility GOOD OR BAD?

How Flexible is Hyperflexible?

Many of us may consider ourselves to be flexible. But how do we differentiate between flexibility and joint hypermobility? Joint hypermobility can be determined by the Beighton Score, a simple joint flexibility score that quantifies your joint laxity.

The Beighton score is a popular screening technique for hypermobility. Component of Beighton score:

Using the Beighton Score, one point is assigned for the ability to accomplish each of the following movements:

  1. Bending your small finger back further than 90 degrees (1 point each side)
  2. Bending your elbow beyond a straight line (1 point each side)
  3. Bending your knee beyond a straight line (1 point each side)
  4. Putting your palms flat on the floor without bending your knees
  5. Bending your thumb back to touch the front of your forearm (1 point each side)

Benign Hypermobility Syndrome is diagnosed when your Beighton score is equal to or greater than 5.

Are flexible people prone to injuries?

Hypermobile joints are unstable in nature due to their increased range of movement and subsequently reduced core stability. When impact occurs, they are not able to direct the force through the joint in a stable manner.

In contact sports this causes joints to be in unstable positions due to their hypermobile nature, and when exposed to physical contact leads to injury. (Pacey V, Tofts L, Wesley A, Collins F, Singh-Grewal D, 2015)

What you should do?

However, hypermobility doesn’t have to be a problem if you train the appropriate muscles; progress your strength and movement to make sure you have the control to match your extra flexibility. Strengthen throughout each joint range of motion in order to improve the stability of the joint externally and muscles/tendon which stabilize the joint. This will help reduce the risk of joint and ligament injuries.

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